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Vocational-wage loss consultation, examination and or testimony for defense or plaintiff referrals. Determining the loss of earning capacity and ability to work due to a birth defect, personal injury or divorce. Read more


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Dr. Kenneth Manges, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychologist & Vocational Wage Loss Consultant-Evaluator

Psychological and Vocational Consultation

Assisting individuals, agencies, and organizations with employment matters including; counseling, assessments, job seeking skills, vocational forensic issues, job placement, and fitness for duty exams.

Call now: 513-784-1333 or click here to contact Dr. Manges.

Dr. Manges Discusses Terrorism

Dr. Manges discusses the New York Shooting and why terrorists attack for a WCPO Interview.

Dr. Manges Discusses the Las Vegas Shooting

Dr. Manges discusses the Las Vegas shooting. He recommends having an exit strategy when attending major events and taking a break from the media.

Dog & Animal Attacks

An animal attack can be a terrifying experience, potentially leaving the victim with serious injuries.

Projections of Drug, Alcohol, and Suicide rates

Suicide deaths increased by 28 percent between 2000 and 2015 to more than 44,000 deaths (as of 2015). Rural suicide rates are 40 percent higher than in metro areas. Ohio’s suicide death rate was 14.2 per 100,000 in 2015, which ranked 32nd highest.

The Impact of Divorce

The 50 percent statistic of all marriages ending in divorce is misleading, if not wrong. For every two marriages that occurred in the 1990s, there was one divorce.

What Trial Lawyers Need to Know for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Litigation

A Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as a TBI or intracranial injury, is generally the result of a sudden, violent blow or jolt to the head. This jolt to the head launches the brain into a collision course with the inside of the skull, resulting in...

10 Suggestions for Overcoming a Season of Sorrows

Abusive political rhetoric, D.C. shooting and wounding of a congressman, a truck attack and deaths in Barcelona, Charlottesville and NYC, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria, sexual assaults by Weinstein and multiple others, admissions by survivors @#metoo, an ambush in Niger, shootings in New York City, Sutherland Springs, Tehama County California, and at the Egyptian Mosque, all while suffering through a cacophony of inflammatory tweets.  As I write this, I lament over this series of tragedies, one after another, and no doubt more to come. What are we to make of it all?

Clergy Sexual Abuse and the impact on Victims

Recent news releases have identified another clergy member as having been abusive to one or more members of their congregation. Although it would be ill-advised to condemn someone in the court of public opinion when the facts or a jury of one’s peers has...

What Damage Aspects Should Attorneys Consider in Seeking Full Compensation for a TBI Case?

There are a number of aspects that must be fully considered in order to obtain full compensation for a TBI victim. Earnings Capacity and Vocational Ability At the outset, earnings capacity loss should be considered.  A vocational expert can testify about the...

Head Injuries / TBI Cases – Will Improvement Be Possible?

When an injured person’s condition has improved to a point at which no further meaningful improvement is expected, it is important for attorneys to clearly convey this aspect to a jury. In general, there is a tendency for people to believe that over time, most...

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Dr. Kenneth J. Manges and Associates are proud to support Psychology Beyond Borders. This organization is committed to international leadership, in evidence-informed psychosocial preparedness, prevention and response to disasters, armed conflicts and terrorism. Please take a look at them to better understand their work.

Dr. Manges is the consummate expert: confident, thorough and eminently qualified. His work is extremely well-researched and he has a wealth of scientific and experienced-based support for his opinions. He effectively communicated to me the strengths and weaknesses of our position and gave me valuable insight into my case’s credibility, the opponent’s best arguments and the likely interplay between the two at trial. Dr. Manges certainly knows his area of expertise, but what is more important in a litigation setting, he can communicate it in a way that jurors can understand. He is not shy about presenting his position and stands up to heated scrutiny on cross-examination with tremendous poise, credibility and confidence. Dr. Manges is an outstanding expert. I just hope my opponents don’t discover him! E.P., Lorain County, Ohio