Final Arguments: Psychological Analysis – Persuasion

Persuasion You and your client are not who you are, and not who you think you are. You and your client are not who you think others think you are either. For a jury, you and your client are who they think you are. Voir Dire To persuade you need to establish rapport....

Final Arguments: Psychological Analysis – Organization

Dr Manges PhD | Forensic Psychologist | Expert Witness Success begins with Voir Dire In my preceding blogs and concepts, I have attempted to convey that Psychological Analysis of Final Argument will show that success beings with voir dire and proceeds on through the...


It showed me I need a personal vision, now!


You explained what I have been going through in meaningful and useful ways. Thanks for a great workshop.


Very thought provoking and positive… relevant to most people’s concerns and feelings, presented in a fun, creative manner. Could definitely help one to change, not only for career wellness, but overall wellness.

What is a psychological expert?

Within the litigation arena there are multiple experts that are called upon to assist the trier of fact (the juror) or the judge. Typically a psychological expert is called based on their area of focus for the case being litigated. In civil cases some of the areas of...