Dr. Manges Forensic PsychologistAre all experts qualified to offer testimony in court?

A. No. Experts are qualified by way of their experience, education and the court’s approval.

What does a Spousal Support Vocational Expert rely on in determining earning capacity of an ex-spouse?

A. Vocational Experts concentrate their evaluation on determining the type of work, experience, and skills the ex-spouse has at the time of the evaluation. This process consists of gathering information from multiple sources including the ex-spouse’s work history, interests, aptitudes and by conducting an in-person evaluation.

What if my ex-spouse refuses to go for an evaluation?

A. Sometimes, it is necessary for the retaining spouse’s attorney to file a motion with the court to compel the ex-spouse to appear for an evaluation.

What information is needed by the Vocational Expert to make their determination?

A. It is essential to the assessment to determine the age, education, past work experience, previously learned skills, and medical limitations, if any, of the unemployed or underemployed spouse.

What does the Vocational Expert do when they conduct an in-person evaluation?

A. A battery of vocational tests to assess the ex-spouse’s achievement levels, skills, and aptitudes may be administered.

What if the ex-spouse cannot return to their former occupation?

A. The Vocational Expert will perform a transferability of skills evaluation to determine what type of occupation the unemployed or underemployed ex-spouse can perform. Based on this data, the Vocational Expert will determine what jobs, if any, an unemployed or underemployed spouse can perform, as well as what these jobs pay in the local labor market.

What geographical area does the Vocational Expert consider, my ex-has moved?

A. Availability of jobs in the local geographical area the ex-spouse can perform are assessed. The salaries for the open jobs are compared to the average earnings for the same jobs in the ex-spouse’s new geographical area as reported by federal and state government wage surveys.

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