There are 318 million persons in the United States and 35 to 50 active serial killers stalking us as we slumber in our innocence.

Serial killers will typically kill three or more persons at a time, pause, then pause before striking again. Why? Who? When will they strike again? These and other questions are not obvious to their victims or to CSI investigators trying to stop their senseless killing.

Not all serial killers are obvious villains. Some live lives of quiet desperation while planning their next deadly fantasy.

Dr. Manges, a Forensic Psychologist, will take you through the weird and troubling mind of serial killers we have been lucky to stop.

Find out how the mind of a serial murderer works. Go inside the mind of an investigator as they go through a victims’ remains. Discover the psychology behind the murderer and the tracker as they match wits in their game of killing and capture.

Dr. Manges offers a dynamic, insightful, and riveting presentation as a keynote speaker, for your next conference or at your school, office and/or campus safety program.

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